May 19, 2008



So, I am still packing. I've gotten quite a bit done, though. I'm finding that the hardest thing to pack up is my kitchen. We have so many silly little appliances. We have a bread machine, a waffle maker, a crock pot, a Kitchen Aid mixer, a toaster oven, a microwave, a blender, a Pizzaz, a rice cooker, a George Foreman, a coffee/espresso maker, a coffee grinder, a can opener and a hand mixer. Yeesh. And there is all the tupperware and bowls and so takes up so much space! (It's a wonder all that junk fits in my tiny little kitchen---well, to be fair, it doesn't. The microwave and toaster are in the dining room.) And there is so much cleaning to do. But, I've made a huge dent. I've taken all the stuff off the walls, and for me that equals the point of no return. :)

The picture above I edited in order to take a break. So, enjoy!! :)


  1. Those look like birkenstocks!

  2. They, in fact, are! :) A gift from my grandmother-in-law.