September 2, 2009


This photo is from Arthur, IL. I saw this kids playing and thought that they were adorable. I just want to give the one in the center a big hug. So cute! This photo took me a while to edit. I had to remove some monkey bars from the foreground and a big red pickup truck in the background. Then I changed the saturation in the photo and added texture.

So to my personal life...the house is almost done! All that's left to paint are touch ups. Hooray. We'll probably spend a day or so cleaning after that and then we can move in. Finally!!! It took forever! I don't know when we will get internet access, but it may be until October. Ugh. I don't know how we'll do it. I remember a time without internet, but I can't imagine doing it again. I would not make a good Amish. I need my technology! :)

I'll try to post again before the big move. I have a couple of more photos all ready to be published. Later!

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