December 17, 2010


So, as I was taking photos of my decor, I became sidetracked by an old friend...

I was using her as part of my Christmas decor.  When I got to the shelf she was on, something just clicked and she (and her littler friends) got an impromptu photo shoot.

Family portrait

I was inspired early this morning once again by the doll's cuteness and edited these guys in the wee hours of the AM.  Inspiration doesn't wait.  If I had just tried to go to sleep I would have ended up frustrating myself.  I would have kept myself awake wanting to work on these.  I'm weird.  It's not like the photos were going anywhere... 

Alright.  That's all from me!  Aren't you impressed with the volume of posts?  Two in a day!  Wow!  I may actually become a more conscientious blogger.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful work, i lake it!
    Regards from Croatia, Zondra Art