April 3, 2008

I'm Sick...


Winter has passed by and I got through the whole thing without really getting sick. Until Tuesday. It started as a sore throat, but since I had slept with a Breath Right strip on, I thought nothing of it. By the time I went to bed though, I was miserable. I barely slept.

Luckily, Wednesday was my day off, so I got to sleep the whole day. Well, that would have been nice. Unfortunately, they were replacing the carpeting in the halls of our apartment building, so there was a lot of hammering and various other loud noises. Eventually I discovered that I had Coricidin and I started to feel a bit better. My temperature dropped and I could eventually breath through my nose again, which made me happy. On top of that, Jon made me chicken noodle soup and got me popscicles.

Today, I tried to call in sick. I still had a temperature and was horribly congested. Also, it took 3 Tylenol PMs to finally knock me out last night, and they really hadn't stopped working. Unfortunately, no one could cover my shift, so I had to go in anyways. I got off early, and I found someone to cover my shift tomorrow, but still.... ugh.

So I'm really hoping that this is the tail end of this thing. Anyways, enjoy the picture above. Just a shot that seems to match my mood right now.

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  1. I'll join you on the sick bed, so to speak. I've had no voice for five days now and I am running a temp. Gotta go to work though. Boss is out of town.