July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

"Independence Day"

Happy 4th!!! Sorry that I haven't posted much. I've been rather busy. I have been helping my family clean out my grandparents' old house. There is a ton of junk in there. My grandparents were pack rats. They kept everything and were frugal almost to a fault. Still, we have found some cool stuff in there, like old letters, photos, and what excited me the most, was my Baba's Paska recipe. (Paska is Ukrainian Easter bread...I had had a copy once apon a time...actually I have had several copies, but they all disappeared.)

So anyways, I'll probably be doing more of the same tomorrow and then will go to Lake Bloomington for fireworks. The picture above I took at last year's display at the lake. If you want to see the others they are here: July 2007 set. Enjoy your Fourth!!!


  1. Cool pictures, Kathy

  2. Great pic! Can't wait to see the ones from this year!
    Check out my blog for an idea of the crappy ones I got this year...