December 4, 2008

Flameless Advent Wreath

So this is my homemade flameless candle Advent wreath.

I wanted an Advent wreath for my classroom, but I didn't want to use traditional candles, for many reasons. So I searched and searched for larger sized flameless candles and couldn't find any. So, I decided to try the little tea light candles. I got them at Walgreens, of all places. They were 2 for $3, which wasn't horrible.

So then came the problem of how to put them on a wreath. So I went to Hobby Lobby (I love Hobby Lobby...I could live there). The wreath base was only $2. I found the berries in their Christmas section. They had an entire aisle devoted to making your own Christmas wreath. I looked through everything there, and everything they had that was purple or pink was way too sparkly for Advent. Besides, I think that glitter should be used in moderation. I finally decided on some white berries for the wreath.

I lightly sponge painted the berries in the appropriate color. I still wanted some of the white to peek through. I also sponge painted the candles. I wrapped the "flame" up in masking tape so it wouldn't get paint on it. I then put on two coats of the paint so that there could be no way to tell that it had ever been white. The sponge painting gave it interesting texture.

I placed the berries in the wreath, wrapped the purple ribbon around and then added a bow. I put the candles in the center of the berries and I was done! It was a pretty easy project once I knew what I was doing.

Anyways, I just thought that I would share!

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