January 21, 2011

Project 365 - weeks 2 & 3

As promised, here are the photos from weeks 2 and 3 of 2011.  I warn you, not all of them are great, but the idea is to force me to take a photo each day.  It is, at times, quite the struggle to find something to photograph.  I ended up taking pics of the different crafts I did the past couple weeks.  So, with out further ado...

Week 2:
1/8:  Banana bread
 It was quite yummy.  I actually made some more tonight (which is why this post is so late tonight).

1/9:  My new coffee filter wreath
 I finally got around to making myself a coffee filter wreath.  I really like it on my old window frame.

1/10:  Pom-pom "flower" centerpiece
 This was a fun and simple craft.  I just hot-glued the pom-poms to skewers and stuck them in some floral foam in the vase.  Easy peasy!!!

1/11:  Snowy magnolia buds
 I took this one the same day as the photos in this post.
1/12:  New hooks for our upstairs
 It was pointed out to my by one of my friends on FB, that this one looks like a prim lady.  Now whenever I walk by them upstairs, I can't help seeing the face...oh well.  I like having hooks there.

1/13:  A touch of pink
 A pink, Valentine's Day-ish centerpiece I made for the kitchen table.  The flowers and such are actually clearance Christmas ornaments from Jeffrey Allens.

1/14:  Love
A bit of wall art made with large chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby.  I needed something to replace the Noel sign I had had there for Christmas.

Week 3:
1/15:  A new old bulletin board
This was an old bulletin board that I found while helping to clean out my grandparent's old place.  I just painted the frame, and covered the cork with various papers and some lace.  I wish the picture had turned out better, but oh well.  I will post a better one once I have my craft room all decked out.

1/16:  Smile!!
 I had my brother's family over for dinner, and my niece, Kara, hammed it up for the camera.  Isn't she adorable?

1/17:  Button heart
 I will post a better photo of this later, when I do a post about my Valentine's Day decor.  This was a fun, easy project to do, though.

1/18:  A work in progress
 Some paper-mache hearts getting a make-over.

1/19:  Scrapbook paper on my wall
 I attached this mesh paper file to my wall and filled it with all my scrapbook paper.  Now they are easier to access, and they're a constantly changing decoration.

1/20:  Bowl fillers
 I finally finished those hearts from earlier.  I also decoupaged some dictionary pages to some styrofoam balls.

1/21:  Ingredients for bread
I made bread in the bread machine today, too.  This last one is a bit abstract, but I wanted to try out the new film filter from Hipstamatic.  I like it.

So that's it, and I got it posted with 7 minutes to spare.  It is still Friday.  Woohoo!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Really love those photos and I need to make some banana bread today...Yours look so yummy:) Have a fantastic Sunday,sweetie